hair removal

The Alexandrite laser allows for permanent, painless hair removal in just a few sessions.
Useful method for eliminating unwanted hair.
In order to obtain a better result, it is advisable to treat areas of non-tanned skin (the melanin in the skin could interfere and therefore absorb part of the energy, making the treatment less effective).
In anticipation of this treatment it is best not to perform hair removal with tearing in the previous 10-15 days (the hair can however be shaved with depilatory cream or razor).
The treatment can be carried out all over the body as long as the hair to be treated is thick and dark.

Duration of the sessions – The sessions are generally seven or eight, one month apart from each other, for what concerns the face, and a month and a half for the rest of the body.

The duration of the session varies from five to ten minutes for the face, and from half an hour to forty minutes for the legs. Side effects – Side effects can sometimes be a slight burning sensation and slight redness that last for a few hours. In very rare cases, but especially in skin with darker phototypes, small scabs can form which once fallen off leave the skin slightly lighter. With subsequent exposures to the sun the skin will return to uniform pigmentation. Contraindications – Pregnancy and breastfeeding. Taking photosensitizing drugs.
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