Aesthetic medicine

Aesthetic medicine is a branch of dermatology that deals with correcting or eliminating blemishes on the face or body without resorting to surgery, but rather through a series of minimally invasive treatments that allow a resumption of normal activities in a short time.
Blemishes can be congenital or they can be acquired over the years, for example due to aging or lifestyle.
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Botulinum toxin
Treatment with Botulinum Toxin allows you to smooth out facial wrinkles and folds, which originate from excessive muscular contraction of the facial muscles.

In the Dermaplast Centre, "Soft Botox" is practiced, the innovative technique developed by Dr. Ivano Iozzo, which allows personalized treatments with wrinkle resolution and facial expression preservation.

Botox allows you to relax the muscles, giving the face a serene and relaxed appearance and the skin a smooth and smooth appearance.

Hyaluronic acid
Facial rejuvenation with hyaluronic acid is the treatment that allows you to restore volume, improve folds and correct wrinkles in a natural and harmonious way.

Furthermore, hyaluronic acid, by nourishing the tissues, produces deep hydration which gives tone and brightness to the face. This beneficial effect is also expressed on the lips where it produces evidence of the body and definition of the profile.

Biorevitalization allows you to counteract and prevent skin aging by stimulating the metabolic activity of fibroblasts.

Supplementation with fragmented or free hyaluronic acid provides an increase in skin hydration which gives tone and firmness to the skin, also exerting a protective action against free radicals.

Its aim is to reactivate fibroblasts, cells responsible for the production of collagen, elastin and glycosaminoglycans (for example hyaluronic acid), thus promoting the recovery of the normal biological functionality of skin cells.

Biostimulation allows you to deal with these problems in a natural way, "stimulating" the skin and bringing it back to a new functional balance.

Biorestructuring is the treatment that allows you to recover and maintain the state of healthy and physiological organization of the skin. It improves elasticity and the level of hydration, increases tone and counteracts the action of free radicals.

It also promotes cell renewal, improves the texture and structure of the skin. Some of the main manifestations of skin aging are represented by the loss of elasticity and skin firmness and the initial formation of wrinkles, this is a sign of the progressive impoverishment of the support structure present in the dermis.

Peeling acts on the skin of the face through the action of various mechanisms. It stimulates cell regeneration by removing and exfoliating the dead cells of the stratum corneum, causing a real acceleration of cell turnover which already occurs naturally in the dermis.

It eliminates damaged and degenerated skin cells, which are replaced by normal epidermal cells.